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Helping a Stranger Is a Good Way to Show You Love the Lord

Find out how our local non-profit organization serves residents of the Bangor, ME area

Loving God and loving others are the two greatest commandments, according to Jesus Christ in Matthew 22:37-40. Being a Christian means following these commandments daily. But what if you don't have the time to help someone in need? Donating to a local non-profit organization is a good starting point.

Grace Encountered exists to spread the love of Christ to residents of Bangor, ME and beyond. To learn about community involvement in your area, visit the Resources page now.

New to Christianity? Questioning your faith?

Our Resources page has information that might help you...

  • Learn more about God, the Bible and Christian principles
  • Find a local church and other faith-based communities
  • Discover opportunities for Christian community involvement

Need some encouragement? Visit the True Stories page now to read testimonies from Christians who have overcome personal tragedies, crises of faith and challenges that you might be experiencing.

My weapon is love. My shield is compassion. My mission is His.

We started this local non-profit organization in Bangor, ME to love those who need it, show compassion when others have been cruel and spread the good news of Jesus Christ to our community. Even the smallest gestures have the power to change lives.

Perform a random act of kindness to start making a positive impact in your community.